90x60 cm Sticker for only Eur 12,99! September 03 2017

Special DZEGUZE offer:

ANY 90x60 cm DZEGUZE repositionable STICKER for Eur 12,99 only
(regular price Eur 21,99-24,99) 

+ Free delivery to any Circle K (Statoil).

DZEGUZE @ Kalnciema kvartāls September 13 2015

On September 12 DZEGUZE first time 'went live' on market in Kalnciema Quarter. Kalnciema Quarter in Riga is part of unique European wooden architecture heritage. The Quarter now hosts series of cultural and business events. It was great first time experience of presenting our product to our customers 'face to face'. Thanx a lot to everyone who had chosen our boards and for you interest. We will be glad to receive any feedback on our boards.

Nordea Biznesa Skola - ‘Randiņš ar investoru' 13.maijā May 11 2015

DZEGUZE vairāk nekā pusgadu ir čakli mācījusies Nodea Biznesa Skolā.
Ir klāt mūsu gala eksāmens/izlaidums – ‘Randiņš ar investoru’.
Nāciet atbalstīt 13.maijā plkst 18:00, Ūdens ielā 5 (Riseba H2o 6).
Esam pašā sākumā, nāciet laicīgi ;)

Nordea biznesa skolas sezonas noslēgums "Randiņš ar investoru"


DZEGUZE challenge hero April 03 2015

Yeaahhh! We have a DZEGUZE CHALLENGE hero here!
And our DZEGUZE CHALLENGE HERO award and respect goes to Jelena Veide! Great job!

Thank you for being with us!

Dzeguze hero - Jelena Veide - with Dzeguze blackboard sticker and chalkmarker:



Thank you for the challenge, #dzeguze! :) That was really great!

Posted by Jelena Veide on Monday, March 30, 2015



DZEGUZE REWARD for Heroes - post video on March 30 March 19 2015

Join DZEGUZE WAKE-UP cross-fit challenge. 
Let's boost sit-ups, squats, bur-pees, push-ups and planks together.
Each day with new challenge!

The first champion who will post video with last workout on March 30 on DZEGUZE Facebook wall - will get any DZEGUZE board 54x36 cm as a sign of our respect ;)
Mandatory rule: the text 'DZEGUZE' should appear in video ;)
(in any creative way – as the text on paper, OR web-page on background etc.)

Let’s prepare ourselves for spring together ;)

Join event on Facebook or

#dzeguze #challenge #crossfit ;)

DZEGUZE competition January 25 2015

New year comes with new ideas! DZEGUZE wants to create a wall game! Please help us to make the right choice! Share your ideas on our Facebook page and evaluate ideas posted by others. The author of a winning idea will get own game for free!
Competition is open until the February 20. 
The winner will be announced on February 25. 
Let's spread the world with Smart*Simple*Stylish things together

DZEGUZE live event December 07 2014

No plans for Wednesday evening yet?

Come to antiCafe  ( AntiCafe Riga Blaumaņa 7, Riga, Latvia) this Wednesday, December 10 and join us for a cup of coffee in cozy place. 

Use the opportunity to check and try DZEGUZE products and place your custom design order.
We will be there from 19:00 to 21:00 to demonstrate our products and answer all your questions.

Olga & Natalija

Welcome to DZEGUZE - the world of smart, simple and stylish things! November 12 2014

We are happy to announce - DZEGUZE is launched and is waiting for your feedback/ideas/questions/cooperation!

Welcome to DZEGUZE - the world of smart, simple and stylish things! :)