DZEGUZE challenge hero April 03 2015

Yeaahhh! We have a DZEGUZE CHALLENGE hero here!
And our DZEGUZE CHALLENGE HERO award and respect goes to Jelena Veide! Great job!

Thank you for being with us!

Dzeguze hero - Jelena Veide - with Dzeguze blackboard sticker and chalkmarker:



Thank you for the challenge, #dzeguze! :) That was really great!

Posted by Jelena Veide on Monday, March 30, 2015



DZEGUZE REWARD for Heroes - post video on March 30 March 19 2015

Join DZEGUZE WAKE-UP cross-fit challenge. 
Let's boost sit-ups, squats, bur-pees, push-ups and planks together.
Each day with new challenge!

The first champion who will post video with last workout on March 30 on DZEGUZE Facebook wall - will get any DZEGUZE board 54x36 cm as a sign of our respect ;)
Mandatory rule: the text 'DZEGUZE' should appear in video ;)
(in any creative way – as the text on paper, OR web-page on background etc.)

Let’s prepare ourselves for spring together ;)

Join event on Facebook or

#dzeguze #challenge #crossfit ;)

DZEGUZE competition January 25 2015

New year comes with new ideas! DZEGUZE wants to create a wall game! Please help us to make the right choice! Share your ideas on our Facebook page and evaluate ideas posted by others. The author of a winning idea will get own game for free!
Competition is open until the February 20. 
The winner will be announced on February 25. 
Let's spread the world with Smart*Simple*Stylish things together