How to place an order?

      1. Select the item and choose the desired options (e.g. size, language etc.) and add the item to the shopping Cart.
      2. Checkout consists of 3 steps.
      3. At Step1 you have to provide contact information (required fields are marked with *):
        • Fill in your e-mail address where you would like to receive order confirmation e-mail in field "Your contact email" ;
        • Fields ‘name’ and ‘surname’ should comply with the identity document that you have to present when collecting the item;
        • Field ‘mobile’ should consists of phone number where we can send SMS (text message) notification when your order will be delivered to the chosen address;
        • Field ‘city’ should consists of city where you live (this information will help us in the future to develop more efficient delivery network);
        • In field language we are kindly asking you to fill in contact language (in case if we have to contact you via call);
        • Field ‘country’ has pre-defined single value ‘Latvia’ so far. We will do our best in order to add delivery options to Lithuania and Estonia.
      4. On the second step of the checkout in the next screen you will be prompted to choose the place of delivery. SIA "DZEGUZE" is providing delivery of the products in cooperation with the AS "Latvijas pasts" at gas stations "STATOIL" nationwide. You can choose almost any STATOIL station.  More details on delivery here.
      5. After you have specified the place of delivery, please select your preferred method of payment of purchase. Currently on our website you can pay by credit or debit card, as well as through Paypal.
      6. In the transition to the third step of checkout on the next screen will appear order’s summary information: BUYER data, product data that had been purchased, chosen payment method. Before confirming the order, please check all details carefully. You can correct the order details in the same screen.
      7. If you have discount code, please enter it before order confirmation.
      8. After completing the order you will receive confirmation of it on specified email address.
      9. When your order will be delivered to the STATOIL station, you will receive SMS notification to specified phone number.
      10. Item must be picked up within 10 days. In case an order is not collected in time it will be returned back to DZEGUZE stock and we reserve the right to charge 20 EUR penalty for cancelling or re-sending the order.

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