"Week Plan" magnet


Apply "Week plan"  magnet to any metal surface (fridge, whiteboard etc.) at your office/gym/laboratory/restaurant/hotel/school/home or any other indoor place you want.

Use the first column of the plan to list week numbers 

OR names of your family/team members
OR names of  projects
OR any other activities with a DZEGUZE Chalkmarker and start to plan your days forward!

Now you have a smart stylish organizer for any tasks in any area.

Interesting and important information:

  • You can use several magnets to plan for a longer period of time.
  • If necessary it can be easily removed and rolled up.
  • Notes made with a DZEGUZE Chalkmarker can be removed with any damp cloth.
  • Stalemagnet Week plan is available in 3 languages: Latvian, English, Russian.
  • Size: 54 x 36 cm .
    If you have a custom size or content request please contact us, we would be glad to help to fulfil your ideas.
You can also get Week plan sticker for your walls.

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