for Family

Keep track of your most important family appointments with DZEGUZE Week plan using DZEGUZE® chalk marker.

A Focus board will be a great place to keep track of what you need to do - and what you need to ask someone in your family to do.

DZEGUZE products will be a great organizer for stylish, busy moms. With enough room to write down the schedules of everyone in the family, as well as space for meal planning, to-do lists, and notes, this will ensure you don't miss another meeting or paediatrician appointment.

Plan your parties and any family events using a Focus board. It will help to keep track of your party guest list, game plan, favors and food, all on one sheet of paper. No way can you forget the candles now.

Combine our slate stickers and slate magnets in order to create your own custom made smart, simple and stylish family organizer.